Please be patient while we set up a new website

The host server service for the VKA website and forum was recently changed to There was a lost of forum posts, only posts & registration previous to May 2013 could be fully restored. If you registered after May 2013, please re-register … if you placed a post on the forum after May 2013, please try to re-post any information of value to be shared with forum readers.

All the event photos from previous years will be restored to the site, it will take a few weeks to complete.

Link to VKA Forum
Link to 2013 Event Calendar

Sorry for this inconvenience … this change should resolve access issues experienced by some people, and prevent future loss of service (previous hosting service was somewhat unreliable).

The downloadable event documents within the Event Calendar are being restored now … be patient.

The main website content will be fully restored over the next 1-2 weeks (its a labor intensive redo effort)