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Help the VKA promote the growth and awareness of vintage karting, participation growth will ensure the continuation of viable vintage karting events.
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2020 VKA Board of Directors

Gary Wlodarsky – President –  —- g.wlodarsky@gmail.com
Louie Figone – Vice President —- louiemtb@aol.com

Dean Kossaras – Secretary & Legal —- deank7@comcast.net

Deo Curts – Membership Director —- sweetdeocurts@gmail.com
Joe Swantek – Treasurer —- joe.stonepros@verizon.net
Karl Ginter – National Events Director — ginterkarl@hotmail.com
John Copeland – Enduro Director —- john@foxvalleykart.com

Lynn Haddock – Guidelines & Safety Director —- lynnhaddock@epbfi.com

Bob Barthelemy – Southern Regional Coordinator —- bobb@Lhthomson.com
Bill McCornack – Midwest Regional Coordinator —- bill.mccornack@comcast.net

Skip Owen – Northeast Regional Coordinator —- jowen0729@yahoo.com
Louie Figone – Western Regional Coordinator —- louiemtb@aol.com
Sal Palatucci – Show Director —- sal.vo@verizon.net

Jeff Campbell – Website Administrator—- jscampbe@comcast.net

Len Emanualson – Editor —- VKA i-FirsTurn© Magazine —- len@automediaproductions.com

Rolf Hill – Copy Editor, VKA FirsTurn© Magazine —- KartNumber4@yahoo.com
Bill McCornack  –  Public Relations —- bill.mccornack@comcast.net

Deo Curts – Distribution  —- sweetdeocurts@Dmail.com

Kelly Frazier – Meeting Minutes—- kelly.frazier74@gmail.com

What’s going on at the VKA?
… a lot! VKA Members and non-members are encouraged to read the monthly VKA Board Meeting Minutes to see what the VKA is talking about and what is being done with paid member dues & donations.    VKA Meeting Minutes

Articles Wanted for Newsletter & Magazine: Articles to be written/pictures to be taken for our magazine. Submit your drafts to Rolf Hill at KartNumber4@yahoo.com

VKA Hotlaps – your “what’s up with my club” news & information

All VKA forum registered users will receive frequent emailed VKA news & information. Emails will be sent to the email address entered during registration. Is your registered email address current? …user email addresses can be updated by logging in and then going to “User Control Panel” > “Profile” > “Edit Account Settings”.

Be a VKA vintage karting participant
The VKA envisions vintage karting events that are inclusive, offering something for everyone, go to an event and discover your interest, if you don’t find what you want, let us know about it! Locate an upcoming event in the Event Calendar on this website!

Communicate with the VKA – it’s easy…
The VKA encourages direct member input, and wants to hear from you … what do you like, what could be better…? Talk to a VKA Board member, usually in attendance at major events, or email them directly…

…if you have a significant idea or concern that the entire VKA Board should review, follow this procedure for clearly conveying your thoughts to the entire VKA Board …  VKA Member Input Procedure

What are VKA events like?
Over the past 17+ years, the typical event format has usually consisted of several days of track practice sessions followed by racing heats.  Events also usually include a judged Vintage Kart Show Competition, and one or more evening social gatherings.  The events are less about “winning” and more about socially connecting and having FUN!

Where are the VKA Rules? … What are VKA Guidelines for?
The VKA does not define events rules, the individual event promoters do.  Sometimes an event flyer might state “VKA Rules” apply, in this case, assume the VKA Guidelines will be used by the promoter for establishing the event rules.  The VKA Guidelines are intended to be used across the country by event promoters for the planning of their events, with the intention of having a degree of consistency, nation-wide, across all VKA associated vintage karting events.  It is entirely up to the event promoter to decide what VKA Guidelines are appropriate for their event.  The VKA is not responsible for enforcing VKA Guideline compliance.

A few facts directed at common mis-understandings
> The VKA is not a sanctioning body like the IKF or WKA.
> The VKA does not provide any insurance for events.
> The VKA is not an event promoter.
> The VKA does not define or enforce event rules – the promoters do!
> The VKA does not control local option classes promoters may add to their events.
> The VKA does not dictate types of events – the promoter chooses how to demonstrate to the public what karting was like in the vintage era.

Download links for VKA Documents are now located under VKA Documents Tab on HOME Page.

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VKA Business Plan

Kart Show Guide

VKA Technical Safety Checklist

VKA Meeting Minutes

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