Ignition points and condensor can be replaced on older kart motors with universal ignition modules. Sometimes setting up points, or even finding them can be a hassle … and then there is the reliability factor… one solution is to use an ignition module instead. The vintage appearance of your engine will be unaffected with a module hidden under the flywheel and/or flywheel air shroud cover.

Here’s the aftermarket external ignition modules used by most:
-Rotary “Nova II” module; P/N 8786
-Stens “MegaFire II” module; P/N 440-465
-Oregon “Universal Ignition Module”; P/N 33-053 (or 147-020)

I haven’t completely verified this, but the Stens and Oregon units appear to be the same module. Generally the Oregon modules seem to be available for a lower price. I have recently tested the Oregon module on a highly modified AH82 Power Products engine, started and ran great through the full rpm range.

The only issue I have seen with these modules is adjusting or determining ignition timing. A timing light must be used to verify actual timing. On some of the older kart motors (West Bend & Power Products), the coil position is adjustable so it can be moved to change the timing when using an ignition module. On McCulloch engines, the coils are somewhat fixed in position … so other means must be used to create adjust-ability … like increasing coil / bolt clearances or making offset flywheel keys with various offsets. A motor can be spun with an electric drill, but note that at lower rpm that the module may automatically retard the timing … set your timing by spinning fast with your drill to guarantee the timing is being set to the full advance setting.

WARNING: several karters have informed me that it is best to mount these ignition modules away from the coil to reduce risk of module burn out (the electrical “interference” from the coil can over-load the module circuitry). It is practical to mount the module externally, away from the coil … if it does eventually fail, then it can easily be replaced at the track.

Oregon 33-053 module 0N!KRQ~~60_3directions_1

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